Leasing Today for Tomorrow’s Ownership

Our home lease option program enables you to move into the home you will own in the future today. Using our simple tools, we will help you rent a home for one to three years while you save for the down payment, improve your credit score or make other life decisions.

There are several advantages to using a lease option agreement over simply leasing a house and saving the money to buy another.

Using a lease option a portion of your rent can be applied to the purchase price, you have the flexibility to decide if a neighborhood is right for you, you have the surety of an established price, and you will be able to secure your home and avoid moving twice.

Applying a portion of your rent to the purchase price is very important for you. It reduces the cost of the home when you exercise your purchase option. It also helps you build a down payment for the home.

We will help you determine an option period that gives you enough time to save for a down payment, repair your credit ,or whatever other time need you have. Additionally, our rental agreement spells out exactly how maintenance time and costs are divided. Generally speaking, you will be responsible for daily interior or exterior maintenance items up to a specific dollar amount. Major items like replacing a roof will be divided based on a formula using the items useful life. Any improvements you decide to make to the home will be yours when you exercise your option. You can make the house yours.

Submitting the information to qualify is easy. You can apply online and receive an answer quickly. Our analysts will be glad to work with you to secure your new home. Call us at 800-508-5212 or email us at info@amnotecap.com.

Find your dream home and start building equity today. Let us help you create your financial future.