Creating Your Future Financial Freedom with Performing Notes

Investing in notes couldn’t be simpler. The mortgage notes we help you purchase will be an important part of reaching your investment goals. We help you purchase performing notes that have low loan to values to diversify your portfolio and decrease its risk while providing above market returns.

Free from the stock market’s volatility, you will receive consistent monthly payments secured by a home’s value and a borrower’s long term payment history. Not only are they secured by the homes that back them, you will receive a portion of your principal with each monthly payment. Thus, your risk is further reduced since your investment is returned over time rather than at the end of the term.

How It Works

We collaboratively assess your needs and help you determine the best notes for you. Based on your preferences for location, asset class, loan to value and the borrower ‘s profile we will help you select assets that fit your needs. We purchase notes that have low loan to values and strong borrower payment histories which reduces your investment risk. You can invest in assets currently in our portfolio or, our staff will underwrite and purchase additional notes for you.

Once the performing notes are purchased, we provide a solution that relieves you from the hassles of monitoring the market and provides 24/7 access to your financial data. Your notes will be serviced by a professional mortgage servicer that will collect monthly payments, pay property taxes and work with borrowers as needed.

In the rare case of late payments or default we will work with the mortgage servicer to resolve the issue. As your trusted advisor, we work with the mortgage servicer throughout the year and furnish year-end tax forms. All activity is completed online and on the servicer’s portal, so communication and document exchange is in real-time.

Reach your goals and focus on the things that matter to you. Let us help create your financial freedom.