Sell Your Note and Earn Cash

You made a smart decision when you sold your house and carried back a real estate note. At the time the market was strong and interest rates were higher. However, things have changed, and it might be time to make another smart decision by selling your note.

Sell Your Note & How It Works

Interest rates are the lowest they’ve been in years and this creates a great opportunity to sell your note before rates rise, and property values decrease.

By selling all or part of your note you can use the proceeds to make other investments, pay off all or part of your home mortgage, or pay tuition costs. Maybe it’s time to splurge and take a long overdue vacation, buy a new car or fix up your house. Think about it.

Did you ever imagine you’d be running a bank when you made the loan? Since then you’ve been collecting payments, dealing with insurance, monitoring taxes, filling out the required paperwork – meeting all sorts of deadlines. Sort of a hassle, right? How much MORE time will you spend on it if your borrower starts missing payments or defaults? Wouldn’t it be nice to be rid of all that?

Right now, your loan is at its highest value, so why not sell it for top dollar? You owe it to yourself and family to explore this option.

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